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Congratulations to the 2022 Global Footprints Scholars

We are thrilled to be announcing our first scholar cohort in two years. Meet the 13 young Australians who will be travelling overseas to pursue their careers in agriculture, horticulture and trades, and explore a sustainable future for their industries.

Meet our scholars:

Global Footprints Scholarships

Go overseas, travel, learn and grow with a scholarship in Trades and Horticulture, Agriculture or the Trades.

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Partnership for Purpose

BBM partners with UN Youth Australia to support our scholars to learn and grow aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Partners & Supporters

Jordan Andrews, BBM Trade Scholar, 2016

Jordan Andrews, BBM Trade Scholar, 2016

The experience I had in the UK with BBM will stay with me forever.

Brendon Woodward, BBM Trade Scholar, 2017

Brendon Woodward, BBM Trade Scholar, 2017

Without the BBM experience I wouldn’t have the ideas, knowledge and extra drive that I have now. Thank you for the chance to grow.

Meet Brendon
Alice O'Rourke, BBM Agriculture, 2017

Alice O'Rourke, BBM Agriculture, 2017

My BBM trip covered 12 countries, lasted 6 months, 6 dairies, 1 genetics stud, 1 gelato bar and 1000s of cows – what more could you ask for.

Jessica Smith, BBM Horticulture Scholar, 2017

Jessica Smith, BBM Horticulture Scholar, 2017

It’s hard for me to express just how much I enjoy learning from people, especially about horticulture. That’s the beauty of this award: I was able to be a student again.

Meet Jessica
Scott Shearan, Trade 2016

Scott Shearan, Trade 2016

“It was fantastic!”

Big Brother Movement

BBM Youth Support has a legacy of creating life-changing opportunities through the Big Brother Movement. Over 12,000 young men migrated here for work on the land and in trades between 1925 and 1983. Today we still connect and share experiences and life stories between the Little Brothers who have helped to build Australia.

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