I am really excited about what’s next for my career as a performer and theatre-maker, and am so grateful for the BBM Youth Support Award being a big part of my development.

Amanda Sullo, Drama 2016

Meet Amanda

I am really grateful for the opportunity that BBM Youth Support has given me and I know that without it I wouldn't have the ideas, knowledge and extra drive that I have. Thank you for the chance to grow.

Brendon Woodward, Skilled Futures, Retail Baking 2017

Meet Brendon

I would like to sincerely thank BBM Youth Support for helping to make this incredible experience happen. I had an absolute blast and learnt so much in my five months overseas, not only in agriculture, but about myself too. I feel so privileged to have had this opportunity to take in agriculture and life on the other side of the world.

Amy Copland, Agriculture 2014

Meet Amy

After six weeks on my own, I have become more independent, built upon my self-confidence and learnt more about science than I could ever have imagined. Thank you for giving me this opportunity!

Grace Scott, Horticulture 2016

Meet Grace

I have seen places I never though I’d get to see and experienced the United Kingdom’s agricultural industry in a light that few would get to see.

Chris Hvass, Agriculture 2015

Meet Chris

Big Brother Movement

The Big Brother Movement was founded in 1925 by Sir Richard Linton to facilitate migration of young men to Australia from the UK. Australia was in need of strong and willing young men seeking adventure and a new life away from home. The first group of more than 80 “Little Brothers” as they became known sailed from England on the Jervis Bay arriving in Australia on December 14th 1925.

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