2019 BBM Scholarships Announced

From sustainable construction and architecture to waste minimisation in commercial kitchens, and from experimental forms of theatre to agriculture strategies for a food secure world – Innovation and sustainability are the drivers of 26 young Australians in vocational careers who have been awarded a 2019 BBM Global Industry Scholarships.

The $8,000 grants will enable them to travel to overseas and gain hands-on industry experience at the hotspots of their chosen field. This year’s scholars will travel to destinations spanning the United States, Italy, France, Scandinavia, the UK, the Netherlands, Japan and more in pursuit of knowledge and skills not readily available in Australia.

The BBM Global Industry Scholarships are awarded every year and recognise excellence and vision in aspiring industry leaders across trades, agriculture, horticulture and the performing arts.

Skill and  Vision through International Experience

“In 2019 the focus is on innovation and sustainability, and the judging panel has seen some of the most inspiring proposals since we first awarded these scholarships in 1983. These 26 young Australians now have the opportunity to work, study and grow both professionally and personally through international industry experience and develop their vision for the future of their industry back home”, says Melanie Stray, CEO of BBM Youth Support.

The 2019 scholars come from New South Wales, South Australia, the ACT and Western Australia and Queensland.

Through its scholarship program BBM Youth Support brings together education and training, industry and opportunity for young Australians to travel, learn and grow to become future leaders in their chosen field.

Education, Training and Opportunity

“The high calibre of this year’s applicants is testimony also to Australia’s education and training standards. Each of our 2019 scholars designs their overseas experience on the foundation of solid education, and it is great to see that our TAFEs, colleges and universities not only develop skills, they also inspire their students to develop leadership, courage and vision.”

TAFE NSW Chief Delivery Officer, Susie George, said “TAFE NSW plays a critical role in training the leaders of tomorrow across a range of industries and access to opportunities such as the BBM Global Industry Scholarships are invaluable for our students.

“This experience is about far more than just building the hands-on skills of TAFE NSW students; it’s about building their confidence, vision and capacity as leaders in their chosen careers.”

Similar support for the program comes from Western Australia, where South Regional TAFE Managing Director Duncan Anderson congratulates their local scholar Kevin Dirks.

“Kevin is one of the apprentices who has represented South Regional TAFE on a national level at WorldSkills and it will be extremely beneficial for Kevin to gain international experience that will contribute to the industry.”

Relevance through Industry Input

“Industry involvement is another cornerstone of our scholarships, to ensure that the opportunities we offer are relevant not only to the young people, but also to Australia’s industries. Our judging panel comprises experts who are leaders in their field and have a strong commitment to innovation and sustainability. They have selected the most inspiring proposals based on the applicant’s ambition, their vision for their industry, achievability of their plans and their desire to contribute something unique to their chosen field”, Melanie says.

BBM Youth Support are also thrilled to have committed industry partners like Mayfield Gardens and horticulture peak body NGINA (Nursery & Garden Industry, NSW & ACT) who each funded a scholarship for the horticulture industry.

Since 2018, Mayfield Garden have supported the scholarships as part of their responsibility as industry leaders and to enable young horticulturalists to grow beyond what we can teach them locally.  They hope their 2019 scholar, Brayden Fitzpatrick, will return to Australia a horticulturalist who will advance his industry.

NGINA General Manager Ray Lee says “It is with much pleasure that The Nursery & Garden Industry NSW & ACT in conjunction with the Australian Garden Council announce that Ellen Goodwin from Oasis Horticulture is the winner of our sponsored BBM Global Horticulture Scholarship. The Nursery & Garden Industry NSW & ACT congratulates Ellen on winning this prestigious recognition and looks forward to watching her develop her career progress. It is opportunities such as this that are pivotal to ensuring we have the next generation of leaders to continue on in this amazing industry.””

WorldSkills Australia, who has a long history in recruiting talent for the trade scholarships, has again put forward two successful applicants, Kevin Dirks and Jarrard Martin, for the trade category.

“WorldSkills Australia has been empowering excellence in young Australians since 1981, and the new recipients of the BBM Global Industry Scholarships now have the opportunity to further develop not only their technical skills, but their resilience and confidence”, says Trevor Schwenke, CEO WorldSkills Australia.

“These kinds of development opportunities are all too rare for the young Australians in vocational careers. Highschool and university students have long benefited from international exchanges and scholarships, but for our young tradespeople in particular few such opportunities exist” says Ms Stray.

“We believe that successful young people create more opportunities for themselves and others, and we know that these award experiences help young people grow both personally and professionally. Since 1983 many of our alumni have brought back skills and new perspectives to Australia, inspiring other young people to go out there and fulfil their potential. This ripple effect will help Australia have a better future, and I’m proud to be a part of this.”

Meet the 2019 BBM Scholars.

25th September, 2019

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