5 Reasons Why International Work Experience is Important

In today’s competitive job market many young qualified Australians find themselves struggling to stand out and grow professionally.

International work experience is the perfect way to make yourself desirable to future employers. Or, alternatively, you will learn a variety of skills that will put your individual business ahead in the industry.

But if you don’t believe us, here are 5 reasons why international work experience is important:

1- Work experience overseas pushes you out of your comfort zone. It challenges you to think on your feet, navigate unfamiliar terrain, make your own decisions and create new personal connections. While it may feel like you’ve been chucked in the deep end – this is where true personal growth happen.

2- Your communication skills will evolve exponentially as you find yourself faced with different cultures, languages and styles of communication. The ability to adapt in order to clearly communicate your point is a critical leadership skill. This will enable you to succeed in management roles or running your own business.

3- You will build an international network of industry contacts to draw on for your ongoing career development. Keeping in touch will ensure you stay aware of the global market and international trends or innovations.

4- Work experience allows you to prove your competence to both yourself and industry experts. More importantly, you will improve your skills constantly through supervision from your mentors. This boosts confidence and makes your transition into full time work far smoother.

5- Employers want people with experience, put yourself ahead of your peers with overseas work. Aside from clear experience in the field, overseas work on your resume will prove to future employers that you are capable of independent work and problem solving.

You cannot underestimate the impact of this kind of experience on your life. Our past awardees can tell you, the personal growth splits your life ‘before the award and after the award’. They leave as youth and return as confident, competent adults. The BBM Global Industry Scholarship provides the adventure of a life time and a competitive edge in your chosen industry.

2nd May, 2019

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