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BBM’s scholarship program exists to support young people in vocational careers to become practical, holistic leaders of the future who are aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We do this scholarships for global work experience, networking and development opportunities. 

Our talented young people are the future of Australia, and we are here to offer opportunities to grow and learn in a global world. 

Since we first awarded these opportunities in 1983, we have sent over 1,100 young Australians overseas to chase their professional goals. Our Alumni have brought innovation and international networks back to Australia, they have excelled as industry leaders and teachers, and their stories continue to inspire those who follow in their footsteps. 

This industry scholarship program is the legacy of the historic Big Brother Movement youth migration scheme. The scheme created life-changing opportunities for over 9,000 young men who came to Australia to work between 1925 and 1982. We keep this legacy alive by connecting Little Brothers with each other and with our young Australians on their life-changing BBM journeys.  

Today our goal is to create opportunities, experiences and empowerment for young talent for the benefit of all of Australia.  

BBM Youth Support is a not-for-profit organisation but funding our Global Industry Scholarships is not about charity – it’s about investing in young minds.   

It’s not about financial assistance – it’s about fuelling innovation. 

It’s not about altruism – it’s about Australia’s future economic success in a global market. 

Our partnerships are not about marketing – they are about a sense of mutual purpose. 


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