5 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Go to Ireland


2019 Trade Scholar, Troy Gibbs, spent his BBM scholarship trip in Ireland. These are his observations.

1. The length of a single day

The length of a day in Ireland varies dramatically from season to season. In the middle of summer a day can last approximately 17 hours – 5am to 10pm! Leaving you plenty of time to pack as much into one day as you can. Be wary, though, winter days in Ireland last less than 7 hours. Plan your travel time wisely!


2. The regional differences

Despite being a small country, Ireland has many noticeable regional differences that lead to a wealth of cultural experiences. Towns only half an hour apart have entirely different mannerisms, accents and traditions. Some parts of Ireland still speak Gaelic as a first language while others speak English, and currency differs from North Ireland where you pay in pounds to the South where you pay in Euros.

3. The slang

Something Australians and the Irish have in common is slang that is confusing to the rest of the world. Expand your vocabulary with some Irish sayings. By the time you get home you’ll be responding to questions with “aye” instead of yes, how craic!


4. The history

Ireland has a long and enchanting history that is incorporated into modern life. One interesting observation is that road signs are always in both English and Gaelic. Several hundred year-old folk songs are still a staple of Irish culture, in relaxed social settings just as much as formal.


5. The friendliness!

The Irish are a helpful and considerate bunch, always looking to make friends. Especially if those new friends are open to playing games and getting competitive!

“I went to a get together and they stayed up to 4am singing songs and playing games.” Troy Gibbs, 2018 Trade Scholar

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