A Chef’s Top 5 places to eat around the world

Chef travel around the world

My name is Dayna Moyses. I am a chef and the 2018 BBM Industry Scholar for Cookery.

Here are my Top 5 things to see and do I experienced visited while travelling for my BBM Global Industry Scholarship. If you are a travelling foodie with a chance to visit any of these, make sure you don’t miss out!

Hilton Buffet

1) Brunch at London’s Hilton Bankside:

Brunch here on weekends -it’s amazing and such a great atmosphere.

Granville Public Market

2) Taste testing at Vancouver’s Granville Island Markets:

Brunch here on weekends -it’s amazing and such a great atmosphere.

You have people creating with fresh produce right there in front of you to eat straight away. The markets were full of delicious and unique food.


3) Sampling Macaroons in Paris:

Walking down the streets to find macaroons and croissants was a pastry chefs dream. I tried a lot and not a single one let me down. I’m excited to go home and make them myself and replicate them.


4) A stroll down La Rambla in Barcelona:

The street 2km or more of food stalls and shops with a food market as well. They all try to get you to come in. You just bounce from place to place having Spanish food. My favourite was paella.

5) Sampling the 13 Restaurants in Singapore’s Swissôtel:

You have the option of 13 different restaurants within the hotel, plus you have a shopping centre in the middle of the two hotels which is full of food; an Asian food court, cafes, bakeries, chocolates, seafood everywhere. And when you get off the MRT there is a bakery as you walk out which has the best pastries ever. You always see it busy with everyone getting there morning fix.

My Tip

The best thing about seeing all this through a BBM Global Industry Scholarship is the experience to go to all these places and see everything while you are working; from going to Grouse Mountain and seeing the bears in the snow to travelling around Barcelona and seeing all the beautiful tiled artwork on the buildings. It truly is a once a life time opportunity, and if you use it to the best of your ability you can gain so much.

I have learnt a thousand things on how differently everyone works around the world. It makes you realise how lucky you are back home and not to take things for granted. My advice is to take it all in and don’t take it for granted. If you don’t sleep for 3 days, it doesn’t matter because who knows when you’ll get to be there again.

If you want to see more of what I did during my BBM Global Industry Scholarship – from decorating cakes with the amazing Ksenia Penkina to sampling the delights in Rome, head to my Facebook blog.

Dayna’s BBM World Trip

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