A Farmer’s Guide to North America


Held in Alberta, Canada CanolaPALOOZA is an Agronomy day festival that combines education, research and interactive learning with games, food trucks and a carnival atmosphere. Surround yourself with fellow agronomists and network while playing carnival games.

canolaPALOOZA is hosted by Alberta Canola, the Canola Council of Canada and Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada.

It was the perfect learning environment for any level of industry involvement. They also gave informative group discussions and in-depth debate about producer problems or future direction. No matter where I looked, there were happy people engrossed in information and conversation.” – Ardina Jackson, 2018 Scholar




Vytelle is a bovine IVF business and laboratory based in Hermiston, Oregon. Vytelle accepts internships and is the perfect learning opportunity for those interested in agribusiness, livestock management and genetics.

Although this was not a typical placement I had foreseen myself completing, I am very glad I had the opportunity to experience something different and test my knowledge.” – Annabelle Butler, 2018 Scholar





Calgary Stampede

Held in July in Calgary, Canada, the show includes an Agricultural showcase, dog agility, rodeo, music and a sideshow alley.

“I’ve had the chance to network with the show members about their involvement & seek out the information I want to bring back to my local show”- Ardina Jackson, 2018 Scholar






World AG Expo

As the largest Agriculture Expo in the United States, World AG Expo is an excellent opportunity for agricultural enthusiasts and experts alike. The show includes free seminars on a host of industry topics,  showcases for livestock, crops, products and equipment and a multitude of stalls and attractions.






Colorado State University

In addition to being the home of the renowned Temple Grandin, Colorado State University offers a host of Agricultural seminars and lectures during the year. If you have the time, visit their beautiful campus and network with industry experts.

The concepts and ideas we discussed were extremely relevant to current and future animal welfare and livestock handling, and I will carry this with me for a long time.” – Annabelle Butler, 2018 Scholar







Ohio State University – Farm Science Review

Most notably, The Farm Science Review dedicates 600 acres of land to field demonstrations for combines, drainage installations and tillage. In addition to this, the show includes many stationary exhibitions and the Gwynne Conservation Area that hosts educational seminars for all ages. The show has a particular focus on corn and soybean production.






BASF Canada Agricultural Solutions

As a company, BASF is dedicated to researching environmentally sustainable and innovative products to maximise crop yield. BASF has a variety of progams and tours available for Agriculture students, see first hand the inner workings of a cutting-edge company.

Such an enjoyable day learning about chemicals, crops and colony living. We covered Canola to Barley.” – Ardina Jackson, 2018 Scholar

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