Ardina’s Scholarship Tips

Many reports on the BBM website contain travel advice. Please, take the time to read this advice! As Alumni, we have travelled already and made our mistakes – let us provide the knowledge you need for success on your trip. We all want to see you do well.  

Below you’ll find some custom advice for those looking for the ‘Out of the Box’ guidance. This skips basic tips and provides information that I found essential to a productive and effective journey. 


  • Meet as many new people as you can.  
  • Remember their names; write them down on your phone or notepad as soon as you can.  
  • Learn one fact about them – In agriculture, for example, you often meet the same person twice, or meet someone who knows of them. It’s important to have an idea who these people are. It can form a conversation and shows attentiveness. 
  • Never ignore anyone who wants to help; some of the quietest people had the best stories and the most advice to give. 
  • Understand every person you meet could be an opportunity for your future; ensure you put your best foot forward always.

Politics and Local News 

  • Take a chance to review political ongoings 
  • Look into trade, cultural and economic issues before travelling 
  • This will ensure your safety, and great conversation pieces. You’ll go further if you understand your destinations issues and the complexity of impacts, they could have on your industry. 
  • It gives context and depth to the how and why of your tour. For example, commodity prices and demand of skills.

Take on every opportunity 

  • If you want to see something, attend an event or meet someone in particular that will benefit to your trip – find a way to do it. 
  • If it means minimum sleep, well so be it. 
  •  You’ll regret what you didn’t get to see when you return home.  
  • This includes sightseeing between the hard work, BBM encourages this strongly. 

Keep an open mind 

  • Do not shut your mind off if someone’s opinion or way of doing something is different from yours
  • Instead, take a positive from how they go about things – What is one nice thing about it? Why do they do something a certain way – Example – In Ag I often asked, is what they do climate related? 

Stay humble and know your limits 

  • If you travel to another country, you won’t know everything. Overtalking or Overstating your ability will limit what the other person is willing to provide.  
  • Ask questions more, and talk less.  
  • Never, ever forget you are representing BBM Youth, yourself and your education/ work placement. As a representative, ensure your presentation and work ethic never slips in the public eye. You owe it to those who have helped you get here, and to your future in your industry! 
  • Always thank your host, especially saying it with a small gift, this went a long way for myself.

Be thrifty

  • Make your Scholarship work for you. Find safe but well priced accommodation, cheap flights and package deals.  
  • Thrifty also means booking in advance for better deals. 
  • Pack thrifty as well – The lighter you travel the easier it is to get lifts around.  
  • Wear comfortable clothing, no need to buy a whole new wardrobe before you go. 
  • Always keep plastics bags spare, you’ll always need them.


  • Don’t comprise your health while overseas. 
  • Stay warm in cool climates, always take a jumper with you and check the daily weather forecast. Better to be hauling a jumper around than having the flu! 
  • Take multivitamins prior and during if you are concerned about the flu. 
  • Slip, Slop, Slap even overseas. Always wear sunscreen. Take a hat and sun glasses. You’ll need them daily in Agriculture.  
  • Daily nutrition: One thing to note – not every country has fresh fruit and vegetables readily available like Australia. Canada didn’t have a big selection as example. Ensure you stick to a regular diet and do not binge out on easy to source fast food. Nutrition is important for the longevity of your trip.  
  • Get a backpack/jacket or handbag big enough to stash a protein bar or snack. There isn’t always a chance to eat when you’re learning, so be prepared 

You can read Ardina’s scholarship experience here.

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