Brendon Woodward – a new chapter of a stellar career

The COVID years;

While the closed borders slammed shut for our current scholars, one of our alumni managed to find a string of golden opportunities.

2016 BBM Scholar, Baker Brendon Woodward sent this update:

“In August 2020, I left Chouquette in Brisbane to work down the South Coast near Jervis Bay. I worked with John Reminis, a good friend who won World Skills before me and enjoyed the coastal life for a while.

In October that year, I was approached by a new hospitality group, Etymon Projects. They are backed by large property development company Aqualand.

The role was for a Head bakers position to run a new Boulangerie in Milson’s Point, Sydney – Loulou. After a few phone screenings and 5 interviews (something I’m definitely not used to in baking!) I was offered the position!

I started in February 2021, and we were due to open in July. Like most businesses, COVID-19 slowed the process down until we finally opened in December – just three days before Christmas.

The first 9 months were office and admin based, setting up the framework for future venues that are lined up. The office environment could be quite challenging at times, but it’s opened myself up to how a corporate structure operates and the behind the scenes of opening new hospitality venues.

Loulou is a new concept in Australia, a French Bistro, Boulangerie and Traiteur at the same venue with the focus on high quality and baked fresh throughout the day.

I look back fondly on my BBM Scholarship and how that has influenced where and who I am today. The opportunity to pursue a passion and have the freedom to learn without outside expectations was fundamental in my development.

A couple of words for young people interested in baking would be:

It’s a great industry to be involved in, with unlimited opportunities branching off. Baking really can be a career that is defined by the constant drive of passion and a universal skill set.”

Read up on Brendon’s scholarship travels to France, where he finessed the amazing baking skills that are propelling his career.


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