“Don’t hold back”

Connor Linz

2018 BBM Global Industry Scholar


I can’t believe it’s already been more then 6 months since I finished my BBM Scholarship in Canada.

I have since started my own business (PURE Venetian Plastering) which I am working in my spare time while I’m still plastering with Matthew Campbell plastering.

The major highlights in my career so far has to be going on my trip over to Canada and learning how to do Venetian plastering and opening my own business. I learnt so, so much more than I thought I would ever learn on my trip and it continues to influence my today as I am still very close to Darrell who was the person I worked with.

The single most important skill I learnt was to be more confident. The greatest challenge was learning a whole new skill that I have never seen in person before. The training and education helped me during my scholarship as it gave me the basic idea and techniques that you need to do Venetian plastering.

I think my scholarship experience enabled me to make an impact on many different industries as not many people has heard of Venetian plastering so it is opening their eyes to new finishes.

My message to the younger people is to be bold and creative and to not hold back. The current travel restrictions shouldn’t stop you from exploring our own amazing country where we have some of the best trades.

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