Flourishing in Retail Horticulture

young woman in greenhouse2019 BBM Global Horticulture Scholar Ellen Goodwin on moving into Retail Nursery and learning during times of change.

When the pandemic hit Australia I was a month out from leaving for my scholarship placement in London but was forced to cancel. Unfortunately at this stage it’s unclear when I will get the opportunity to undertake my scholarship opportunity, but I’m hopeful that it will happen in the near future.

Although I was disappointed not to go to London, I was instead able to take the opportunity to move out of the Blue Mountains and start a new job at a retail nursery in Sydney’s Inner West.

Moving from a wholesale nursery where I completed my traineeship to a retail nursery allows me to demonstrate all I have learnt so far as well as gain new skills and get my start in the industry in Sydney.

I consider myself very fortunate to be in the horticulture industry that at this time is still considered an essential service, although some changes had to be implemented to ensure health directives were upheld.

Also moving into retail means I am engaging with customers on a daily basis – this means I must partake in strict hygiene measures such as wearing a mask, physical distancing and limiting the amount of people in the store, although these measures have not impacted on sales. We have found that people are discovering gardening more than ever before.

Because of some economic uncertainty, retailers are ordering fewer ornamentals and flowers, but at the same time COVID-19 has created an unprecedented demand for seedling products. Isolation due to COVID-19 is motivating people to pick gardening!

Ellen Goodwin’s scholarship is proudly sponsored by NGINA, the Nursery & Garden Industry NSW & ACT. By supporting BBM’s scholarship program NGINA is giving young talent in the industry an opportunity to accelarate their careers and in turn help create a thriving, sustainable horticulture industry. NGINA logo

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