Free of charge: For the love of plants

If anything, for 2019 BBM Horticulture Scholar Brayden Fitzpatrick business is even busier than before the pandemic.

He still just finished a project free of charge – here is why:

“My scholarship plans have been put aside for the minute as I plan to do it in 12 months time. This will give me the chance to add more onto my trip and potentially work at some other cool locations!

This experience isn’t exactly changing my goals, but my focus has changed to working on my business and my own health for the time being. I’m certainly coming up with new ideas with the extra time I have on my hands as so many people have to work around current situation.

Lots of people are spending more time working in their gardens and are coming to me to purchase plants, so if anything this outbreak has benefited my business, however it’s made me look at alternative sales ideas and trying to reduce handling cash.

I just spent a weekend on landscaping the car park next door to my house. The project was free of charge as the pub owner didn’t want to fork out the money and I really wanted to have it looking nice next to our house.

I replaced the Diosma with 20 of my own Eremophila racemosa (Emu bush) to eventually hedge. I look at the project as cleaning up the area and also displaying the Eremophilas which is what I promote very much in my business.”


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