Growing from Challenges

Jackson LakeIt has been a tough couple of years for all of us. For the young. The middle. And the older. There is some aspect of all our lives that has been significantly impacted by the pandemic, whether it be social, mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical. We each bear our scars. It is what we do in response to our circumstances that defines us though.

As an undergraduate student studying the Bachelor of Medical Science at Griffith University certain aspects of my education have differed greatly from students who have preceded me. Admittedly, the university has gone to tremendous extents to simulate the ‘university experience’, which I am forever grateful for.

During this time, BBM facilitated an additional stream of education, as I funded a Dual Diploma in both ‘Business’ and ‘Leadership and People Management’. This opportunity, provided by BBM, broadened my skillset. The intent of the scholarship (pre-pandemic) was to fund my attendance at an international public speaking competition hosted by the English Speaking Union, where I would represent Australia. The competition continued as planned, except for the fact it was held online. The scholarship has been flexible enough to invest in other skills in my life. Specifically, it improved my leadership skills, in that I feel more confident stepping into the shoes of a leader and helping people.

On the note of helping people, I have just begun my postgraduate career as a medical student in the Griffith Doctor of Medicine program. I intend to use the leadership and people skills garnered through the diplomas that BBM enabled me to pursue in my clinical practice. Communication skills are at the core of everything we do and BBM has helped me mould these skills, despite an ever present, omnipotent pandemic looming in the foreground.

The isolation requirements mandated by the government have certainly had an impact on young people. This is a crucial social developmental period in our lives. Organisations like BBM however give young people the chance to respond to this. By upskilling and broadening our experiences we can continue to develop as leaders, but most importantly, as purposeful, personable, powerful and humans.

Jackson Lake

BBM Scholar – Public Speaking

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