Growing vegies in a bedroom.

Tom and his dog in the garden

The Covid-19 situation has changed the course of my year.

My BBM Europe trip has now been postponed until 2021, which means I now have the opportunity to finish university by the end of this year. I also just lost my UWS greenhouse job this past week, which has come as quite a shock.

My partner and I have used the extra time to get out into the garden.

We have built an amazing frog pond, started growing oyster mushrooms, sowed 20kg+ of seed potatoes, 100+ garlic bulbs, and started vegetable seeds in a grow tent in our bedroom. We have almost turned the lawn into a small-scale farm (because of the pandemic, Mum dropped her garden bed appearance standards, and I have been able to seize large parts of the lawn quickly).

Making the most out of the extra time.

The current situation has shifted my focus for the scholarship. I would still like to go overseas and study precision high-technology horticulture but now also want to focus on local food systems and sustainable soil production. I am interested in how countries/communities manage food security. In my local area the situation has made more people use local food systems and many people have started vegetable gardening. Is this happening around the world?

When the time comes for me to travel overseas for my scholarship I want to learn how other people and cultures grow their food.

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