Meet: Troy Gibbs

Troy Gibbs is a 2018 Trade Scholar in Metal Fabrication


Troy has secured a placement with the Irish company GM Steel, which specializes in manufacturing and installing meat processing equipment.

GM Steel manufactures conveyor systems, wash stations, knife and equipment sterilisers and track systems to transport the carcasses through the abattoir.

Troy is excited to return to GM Steel, as he has previously worked with the company on the new goat abattoir at Bourke. At Bourke, two pig dehairing machines have been modified to be used for goats, placing the company at the forefront of their industry.

Dehairing the animal and leaving the skin lengthens the lasting time of the meat, making frozen transport more viable. Australia could benefit from further implementing the know-how and technology of companies like GM Steel in order to increase efficiency and cut costs. In the long term, Australia can reduce our dependence on live exports and move towards a more sustainable industry.

Troy is at the beginning of his BBM Global Industry Scholarship journey – to keep up to date on his progress follow BBM on Instagram and Facebook.

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