Pack like a Pro for your scholarship abroad

Packing for long trips away from home can seem an overwhelming task. It can be difficult to determine what you need to bring with you. More often than not people give into the urge to just bring everything, ironically it is this method that usually results in forgotten essentials.  

Luckily for you, this list of helpful hints exists 


1: Pack Light 

While you may thing you need six different pairs of shoes and multiple jacket options, you actually don’t. Packing light makes your travel experience considerably smoother. The best option is to travel with carry on luggage only. This removes the potentiality for lost bags and makes transportation around cities so much easier. I’m not sure if you’ve ever tried to catch a train with huge suitcases by yourself, but it is intensely stressful and I don’t recommend it.  

Now you may be thinking how could I possibly only bring carry on? The answer is simple, clothes can be washed. By bringing clothes that can be easily mixed and matched a few shirts and pants options can last you several weeks.  

With all this being said, sometimes bringing checked luggage is unavoidable. But the smaller that checked luggage is the better. It cannot be stressed enough, pack light.  


2: Do your research   

Find out what the weather is going to be like as your first priority. Don’t just assume that because it is Europe it will be cold, nothing worse than arriving with tonnes of winter gear for it be 35 degrees.  

As a second step, research cultural customs of where you are visiting. For example, if you intend to visit the Basilicas in Italy you will need to have long pants and a shoulder covering. It is important that you remain respectful to the culture you are visiting and learning from.  

Other things to research include OHS requirements. This is particularly pertinent for our trade scholars. Check in with your host workplaces, do you need to bring your own safety gear?  


3: Make a list  

This may seem obvious, but it is obvious for a reason. Making a list means you won’t miss any of the essentials. It also keeps you realistic about what you actually need to bring. Once you’ve packed a designated number of shirts (I suggest 5) then you can cross the item off your list. If you know you’ve got enough shirts you won’t keep throwing more into the bag because you’ve lost count.  

Some items you may not have considered:  

Adaptable wall plugs  

Earplugs – will cancel out the noise of planes, trains, buses and even
the sounds of an unfamiliar city to help with sleeping  

Hand sanitizer and baby wipes in your carry on.  

4 – If you have a layover

bring personal hygiene items with you on the plane. 

Layovers can be a blessing in disguise during long haul travel. Pack your toothbrush, travel toothpaste, deodorant, a hairbrush and baby wipes. If you have the room, bringing a change of outfit on to the plane with you is strongly advisable.  Being able to freshen up, even just with baby wipes and a change of clothes, improves your mood considerably.  

Just make sure you aren’t going to be that person at security. Stick to roll on deodorant and travel sized liquids.  


5 – Comfort Items  

Travelling from one destination to another is (usually) long, boring and uncomfortable. Make sure you pack items with your own comfort in mind:

A warm jumper (aeroplanes are cold)  


A good book 

Inflatable neck pillow  


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