Puzzles and hot cross buns

2018 BBM Trade Scholar Hayley Waterhouse reports from isolation in London

Monday, 13 April 2020

PuzzlesToday marks three weeks of lockdown in the UK, and I can honestly say that it feels a little bit like Groundhog Day! Each day is filled with the skilful tasks of navigating between Netflix, Disney + and Amazon Prime to find the perfect movie to start the day. Followed with the even more difficult decision of what to eat for lunch. Which as of late has been heavenly hand-crafted leftover from the night before.

With spring rolling in on this side of the world, the afternoon is the perfect time to get some sun in the garden or my allocated once a day trip outside of the house for a walk around the town. I must say though, thrown in to my obviously busy day, there has been some baking of snacks for the afternoon, ranging from double choc chip cookies and banana bread to brown sugar custard and hot cross buns, I’m still drooling over the cooks and they were made in the 1st week!

On the days I think my brain need a bit of exercise, I have been dusting off some puzzles and writing out some recipes to make up my own inventory of them. Each night has been the same, mixing up a hopefully edible concoction for myself and my housemates and then either some card games to fill the time or some tv house mate bonding time! (We have just finished Peaky Blinders, highly recommended if your interested in 1920’s UK Gangster!)

I must say there has been no twisting of my arm to convince me to stay home, I hope everyone else can say the same in the tough uncertain times we are all going through. I hopeful everyone back home is safe and well. And remember stay home!

Ps. Have been great to see communities coming together, a highlight is the ‘claps for carers’ that happened each Thursday night at 8pm where every household come down to the street (still social distancing) or out their windows and clap. This week ’s one was even more unique when a neighbour got is guitar and a microphone and began a sing along! Felt just like a movie, although I was waiting for the social distancing flash mob to start, maybe next Thursday!

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