The Future of Australian Agriculture

2021 Pilot Scholar Tiarne Mallaby

What should our future look like?

 The Agricultural Industry is literally one of Australia’s biggest sectors. Agricultural businesses occupy 51% of Australia’s landmass (National Farmers Federation NFF). It’s also literally one of our oldest industries. The average Australian farmer is aged 52. (FarmSafe)

2021 Pilot Scholar Tiarne Mallaby is preparing to help lead this huge sector into the future. She shares with us some of her thoughts on what she wants to change and why it’s so important.

 “There are certain issues in the agricultural industry that I would love to change long-term and short-term.

“Firstly, my plan is to change the youth opportunities for agriculture. We need more opportunities for younger adults, both from country and inside the city. The industry needs more young people, and this is a constant phrase we hear from farmers across NSW, I dare say – across Australia,” she said.

“My industry is about feeding and providing resources and materials for the world. I believe agriculture should be a priority subject available in schools and that the option to study should be accessible to every student”

A key aspect of modern agriculture is the integration of science and technology. Agricultural industries are now relying on knowledge from areas such as plant and animal biology and behaviour, chemistry, statistics, land resources, and genetics to create more sustainable outcomes. (NFF)

Tiarne says both studying and implementing these concepts is crucial to achieving her UN Sustainable Development Goal of zero hunger.

“Agronomy is crop science – I’m interested in pastures and grass and animal health. I like the idea of advising farmers on what to grow and then feed, to create the paddock to plate experience,” she said.

“My interests were piqued with nutrition, and how producing quality products can influence an animal’s breeding, genetics and dietary uptake.”

BBM is proud to work alongside Elders and ACE Ohlsson to help provide opportunities for Tiarne to explore new ideas and grow as a leader in her industry.

“There’s not one thing about plants that doesn’t fascinate me. Like legumes can make their own balls of nitrogen and put that into the soil!”

“BBM has been great with building my strengths and allowing time for working on myself. Helping me to look at things differently compared to how I use to view them and giving me different perspectives on life,” she said.

“The money is a stressful part, like how did I get to here or there. BBM takes care of that so all the things I would have to stress about I don’t have to.”

“It’s a good feeling because they are very supportive people, When you’re having the worst day possible and then you get home, there’s always one person that really believes you’re going places.”

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