Amy Huang successfully secures a spot at The Royal College of Music!

Amy Huang (2016/17 Music Awardee) is the first of last year’s Awardees to return to Australia and she has set things off to a great start, successfully securing a spot at The Royal College of Music. Congratulations to Amy! We have included snippets of Amy’s report below, if you would like to read the Full Report Click Here.

“Perhaps the highlight of my stay in London – and the part that I most wanted to be over as soon as possible – was my audition for the Royal College of Music. It was a 2-round audition, and I am thrilled to say that I made it through the whole process. Though I was slightly worn out the second time I played my pieces through, my performance was apparently sufficient, as I was told – after a brief and casual questioning from the panel – that I’d been accepted to the College! After so many months of planning this trip, it was extremely rewarding to have gained something from my hard work.”

“My second lesson was with Professor So Ock Kim from the Royal Academy of Music. Professor Kim was immediately able to pick up on the major technical weaknesses in my playing – mainly my right arm, posture and breathing technique. I have had formed habits out of the issues in my playing and never really focussed on remedying them, and the lesson did a great deal in helping to establish what I need to focus on and the solutions to the problems in my playing. Professor Kim was positive, but also very clear in expressing her analysis. She gave me several exercises to work on over the next year so that I can attain a precision and control that is currently lacking in my bowing technique. My practice of late has very much targeted on these points and I have seen a significant improvement in my playing.”

Professor Kim (Left) Amy Huang (Right)

“It’s safe to say that my stay in London was a busy and rewarding one, and I am extremely thankful to the BBM Award for providing me with such a magnificent opportunity to broaden my horizons, absorb the London culture, meet new people and gain new ideas. I have been inspired, and I believe that my journey has helped me to understand how I will achieve the goals I have set for myself as a growing musician. Deep and heartfelt thanks must go to the granters of the Award, the wonderful teachers who gave up their precious, much-wanted time, my parents for their support and for accompanying me, Cindy and Johanna and of course my very own violin teacher, Professor Ole Bohn.”


1st March, 2017

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