Meet Ardina Jackson

Ardina Jackson is one of the five agriculture awardees who have been granted the BBM Youth Support Award 2018.

The agronomist with TotalAg Services holds diplomas in Agriculture and Agribusiness. She aspires to become a confident industry leader, a voice for technological innovation and a role model for youth and women.

Innovation and Knowledge

Ardina has two primary goals for her award journey; self-development and sustainability for the future.

In her experience, many farmers have a passion to keep farming in the family. This, however, may restrict knowledge of new advancements in technology, which makes her raise the question:“How do you teach the next generation of farmers to be efficient, forward thinking and sustainable from past experiences, when the whole game has changed?” For Ardina, the answer lies in giving young industry professionals exposure to leading world practices. Her BBM Youth Support Award journey is a step in this direction. Travelling to the Canada she will investigate advanced machinery, agribusiness, agronomy, storage and other field boosting concepts. It will give Ardina exposure to both new practices and technology to pass on to farmers in Australia, implement in her own career and those whom she influences.

Pushing the Boundaries

While expanding her knowledge around advanced dynamic cropping practices, Ardina hopes her journey will also guide her to “become a leader and role model”. She hopes to become a mentor for the next generation of young women, educate them in global industry matters and inspire future leaders.

We look forward to following Ardina on her journey to reach her goal to promote innovation that assists Australian growers in setting new benchmarks and driving the industry forward.

1st November, 2018

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