Auburn Youth Centre and TAFE work together on community project

Last week we were delighted to see the completed installation of new high quality cabinets kindly donated by furniture maker blum in Auburn Youth Centre. This project began many months ago where we at BBM Youth Support connected TAFE Lidcombe with local charity Auburn Youth Centre as part of our ‘Skills into the Community’ program.

The program is all about connecting organisations for mutual benefit – TAFE’s cabinet making students required a project they could complete end to end as part of their course, and Auburn Youth Centre was looking for an upgrade for the furniture in the centre so they could better support the young people of the community.

The installation was completed on Wednesday and Friday last week, which also provided the opportunity to invite the young people from the community down to meet the students and hear a little more about what opportunities TAFE can offer young people.

Many thanks to everyone who helped make this project such a success.





31st July, 2017

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