Awardee Focus – Benjamin Brockman

Benjamin Brockman received his BBM Youth Support Award for Drama in 2012/13 and he used it to travel the UK. Ben has since attended an Awards as an ambassador for BBM Youth Support where he greeted guests and shared his experiences and advice with the attending Awardees.

Ben is currently working as a lighting and set designer in Sydney.

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“All together I spent 3 months in the UK and 2 and half months of that was at the Royal Court working for them as an ASM. I had the best time of my life. I am happy that I got the opportunity to stay with them throughout the show season and work with wonderful people. I learnt so much and got to practice my craft and at the same time I opened up doors to working with them in the future. My time in the Court has really empowered me with a passion for new writing and new work and how important it is for the continuation of our art form. I came back to Australia more determined to change the face of new writing, doing my part as a stage manager for the writers. I know I am on the right career path and have reaffirmed that this is what I should be doing with the rest of my life. As my first international trip I am so proud that I survived and didn’t die! It showed me I am stronger than I think and can survive in most situations. I have seen some amazing sights and awesome relics. I found this an invaluable experience and thank BBM Youth Support for the amazing opportunity that they gave me.” – Benjamin Brockman



28th January, 2016

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