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Emma Jarman (2010/11 Ballet Awardee) traveled to the UK in early January 2012 and spent 5 months in Europe auditioning at schools, taking classes and forming invaluable networks that will help her throughout her career as a Ballet dancer. Emma travelled to such countries as England, Germany, France & Russia and detailed the experiences in her report, giving a good insight into her experiences whilst on her BBM Youth Support Award and it is great to see she was able to make the most of this incredible opportunity.

“I participated in many auditions around London when I first arrived in mid-January (the first round of auditions for the year), including London Studio Centre and the Urdang Academy – both of whom I had contacted earlier – and I attended public classes at Pineapple Dance Studios, The Place, and Studio 68.”

2nd Year Dance Students in London

2nd Year Dance Students in London


“I lived in Oxford (north east of London; 1 hour by train and 2 hours by bus) and traveled into London almost every second day for classes & auditions.”

Miss Beckley

Miss Beckley, teacher at Urdang Academy, Emma Jarman


“My time at Urdang was great training for me as a dancer and a great experience as I had never been full-time anywhere before, and it was interesting to see how full-time training was run in the UK. The Urdang Academy was one of the most prestigious dance schools in London, alongside London Studio Centre and the Central School of Ballet.”

“In my remaining time in Berlin, I researched places for casual classes and traveled around the city dancing wherever I could. I took “profitraining” classes at many centres, including the Dance Studio Berlin and the Berlin Dance Centre. It was surprising to see how many professional dancers took these classes and were of such a high standard.”

“I could not have asked for a better 5 months overseas and thank the BBM for allowing me to travel and pursue my career and have the most amazing experience of my life!”

To read Emma Jarman’s full report Click Here.

Emma Jarman


21st September, 2015

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