Awardee Focus – Sabrina Muszynski

Group2Sabrina Muszynski received her BBM Youth Support Award for Highland Dancing in 2014/15. We have included snippets from Sabrina’s report below, to read the full report Click Here.

“My name is Sabrina Muszynski and I was the 2014/2015 BBM Youth Support Highland Dancing Awardee. Such an award assisted me to travel to Scotland and learn more about the art and heritage of Highland Dancing for a total of two and a half months. Highland Dancing and the Scottish culture have always been present in my life since a very young age due to my grandmother’s heritage and background. Therefore, this opportunity not only allowed me to improve my technique and understanding of Highland Dancing, but it taught me the importance of tradition in such culture.”

“To say I had a fantastic time dancing Highland in Scotland would be an understatement! I truly believe I had the best time of my life! The places I have visited, the things I have seen and especially the people I have met have allowed me to view the Highland Dancing world in a different light. Highlights of my trip include performing in the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, dancing and helping children in dance classes, dancing in front of the Queen, sightseeing, preparing for and completing my Teacher’s Exam, and most importantly being mentored by Debra Waugh.”


16th March, 2016

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