Awardee Updates

Mitchell Hodgman (2014/15 Scottish Piping & Drumming Awardee) is having a great time in the UK playing with his Scottish Piping band, the drum sergeant believes he will be able to achieve his goal of playing in the World Championships if he continues to work hard. While Mitchell has been in the UK he has met up with last years winner Eilidh Young (2013/14 Scottish Piping & Drumming Awardee) who since winning her award has stayed in the UK.

Caitlin Sawyer (2014/15 Sir John Pagan Horticulture Awardee) has also got in contact with us to tell us what great time she is having and how much she is learning in the UK. She has had a chance to work in Rob and Rosy Hardy’s Cottage Plants Nursery in Whitchurch and has also been lucky enough to sit in on one of Rosy’s talks to the public where she highlighted some beautiful cottage perennials which Caitlin was very envious of!

Caitlin Sawyer1

Caitlin Sawyer (2014/15 Sir John Pagan Horticulture Awardee)


1st May, 2015

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