Amanda Sullo



Amanda Sullo (2016/17 Drama Awardee) develops her craft in London. We have included snippets of Amanda’s report below, but to get the full experience read the Full Report Here

“I proudly received the BBM Youth Support Award for Drama in August 2016, and with my schedule already set out in my application, I quickly booked my flights, accommodation and classes. I was on a plane just three weeks later! The two key objectives of my trip were to develop my skills as a performer and theatre-maker, and to connect with other emerging artists from across the globe. I am so grateful to have succeeded on both those accounts.”

“I was based in London for the duration of my time in the U.K. and undertook a number of short courses across different styles of performance and theatre-making. I also had the opportunity to watch live theatre and even made a trip out to Stratford-upon-Avon.”

“The BBM Youth Support Award was a timely experience for me as an emerging artist, and provided an incredible opportunity to grow and learn. As well as this, I have built networks across the world and valuable professional relationships with artists who I hope to collaborate with in the future. I am really excited about what’s next for my career as a performer and theatre-maker, and am so grateful for the BBM Youth Support Award being a big part of my development.”

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