Arne Tripolone



17/1/13 – Arrived at Heathrow airport and transported to Paddington station, not far from my accommodation, The Victoria League Student House, 55 Leinster Square, London W2 4PW. In the afternoon, I attended a recital by Ben Mellefont at the Royal College of Music. Incidentally, Ben was a BBM music awardee some years prior. His award enabled him to investigate potential teachers and universities in London, an indispensable experience.

19/1/13 – Received the first of four lessons with Remus Azoitei, a celebrated teacher at the Royal Academy of Music. Unfortunately my hands were immobilised as a result of the cold (I learned to carry gloves and heat packs to subsequent lessons!) This lesson was striking in many regards, primarily due to Remus’ exceedingly upfront approach to teaching. In hindsight, I would have perhaps had a more enjoyable lesson if I employed a more familiar repertoire. Notwithstanding this, my intention was to learn as much as possible, not to rehash old programs.

22/1/13 – Received a lesson with Yossi Zivoni, A teacher at the Royal College of Music. This was a most enjoyable lesson. His teaching style was vastly different to Dr. Azoitei; it focused principally on phrasing as opposed to technique.

24/1/13 – Took a tour of the Royal Academy’s extensive instrument collection. Owning three fine Stradivari violins, among other notable Italian masterpieces, the Royal Academy currently stands at the vanguard of classical music, at least in an economic sense.

26/1/13 – Lesson with Remus Azoitei. This was by far the most intensive and informative lesson I had in London. His primary concern with my playing related to my bow arm which, by all accounts, is approached rather differently in Europe than it is in Australia. There is a tendency to utalise a lower bow arm with particularly flexible fingers; a manner of playing which Remus was able to school me in.

28/1/13 – Lesson with Itzhak Rashkovsky, a renowned teacher at the Royal College of Music. It was useful to have a lesson from this respected pedagogue however I was not in top form for this lesson hence it was not as productive as I had wished.

11/2/13 – Witnessed a masterclass with the celebrated soloist, James Ehnes at the Royal Academy of Music. This was of particular interest because it enabled me to form a diagnosis of the standard of violin playing at the Royal Academy. Apparently the standard of violin performance at the Royal Academy of Music is strikingly similar to the standard of violin performance at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

14/2/13 – Lesson with Bartosz Woroch, a teacher at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. I thoroughly enjoyed this lesson and was impressed with his interpretation of Bach performance practice.

15/2/13 – Lesson with Remus Azoitei. Only after three prior lessons did I begin to truly absorb and practice the critical elements of Remus’ teachings. I was initially surprised that he wished to conduct four lessons, each 1.5hrs duration; however, after experiencing his lessons, it made absolute sense. Remus had a progression in mind which necessitated much work from both parties. It was an absolute pleasure to learn from this incredible performer.

18/2/13 – Departed for Sydney from Heathrow Airport


Travelling to London with the assistance of a BBM Award was a formative educational experience. I will audition for graduate studies in London at the end of the 2013; there is no doubt that my introduction to the aforementioned teachers will assist me greatly in this process. I am tremendously grateful to BBM for granting me this prestigious award. In addition to the acquisition of knowledge regarding violin performance practice, the BBM award has made the awe-inspiring prospect of graduate studies in London, a possibility.

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