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Chris Hvass with Kate Grace (2013/14 Horticulture Awardee) & Simon Tedeschi (1998/99 Music Awardee)

Chris Hvass received his BBM Youth Support Award for Agriculture in 2015 and has since taken his trip to the UK and returned. We have included snippets from Chris’ report below, to read his full report here.

“I spent the majority of my time with Internationally Recognised Alpaca breeder and Judge Tim Hey at his stud Inca Alpaca in the region of Dorset. During my time he took me on visits to several towns and villages and even Dublin, Ireland, to preform herd inspections along with health and bio-security assessments. While at Tim’s I was also able to assist in shearing operations and at The Royal Bath & West show.”

“My trip consisted of working with Tim every day and being on 24hr call with him as its birthing season. Tim took me to a lot of property’s and places, including; Mullingar in Ireland, Buckingham, Birmingham, Temby in Wales, Bristol, Evershot Vet. Several of these areas had a lot of properties around them that we visited, while all of these showed me a new aspect of life and Agriculture in the UK, there were some properties at which I did very little aside from observe.”

“I have learnt a lot of new things about the industry and the UK in general. I have a greater understanding of alpacas and how different climates effect their production. The Industry organisations in the UK are different but similar to Australia and we would both benefit from a greater sharing of knowledge and resources. I have seen places I never thought I’d get to see and experienced the United Kingdom’s agricultural industry in a light that few would get too.”

“I would like to thank BBM Youth Support for this opportunity that I have been granted and I am confident that I utilised my time here as efficiently as possible.”

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