Applications for our BBM Youth Support Awards 2018 are open from the 31st May to the 31st July.

Before you start your application you will need to have:

  • a copy of your passport if you have one OR other evidence of citizenship/residency e.g. birth or citizenship certificate
  • 2 written references (1 professional & 1 personal – not a family member)
  • 2 photographs (1 head shot & 1 performance shot)
  • a description of why you want this Award, what you want to achieve with it and how it will help you to develop in your chosen field (PDF)
  • a comprehensive plan of your proposed activities  (PDF)
  • a performance recording (Performing Arts applicants only, 3-5 minutes long)
  • a video of yourself telling us why you should receive this Award (Under 1 minute long, phone video quality is fine)

Please check you are eligible

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