Agriculture is central to Australia’s economic well-being, nutrition and the environment. Innovation and sustainability will be key to future proofing of our farms for the impacts of a changing climate and world economy.

In this dynamic industry you are spoilt for choice of roles and opportunities. Women are increasingly filling key positions, and you don’t need to own a farm to rise to the top and become an industry leader.

We work closely with our industry and training partners to ensure your BBM scholarship places you ahead of the game and on top of the current key frontiers of animal welfare, food integrity and social licencing. These areas will influence the future focus of some of our industry-led awards.

Some of our young farmers are already using their BBM scholarship opportunity to gain global insights into these fields, scoping their careers to advance sustainability in agriculture.

The BBM global agriculture scholarship is your opportunity to follow your passion, explore the possibilities and create the career you love.


Career fields



If you are pursuing a career in agribusiness or agricultural economics, the paddock to plate ecosystem is your area of expertise.

You will be looking closely at global and local trends, including social licensing, sustainability, technology and productivity, water management and crop and stock productivity – all impacting on the industry as whole and on the individual farming business.

What better opportunity to explore global trends, experience alternative approaches, investigate different models and solutions, than to go on a study tour to the places where you see industry progress happening. Look beyond your local industry at international approaches to the same challenges and learn from innovative responses to global trends.

Sustainability of small-scale farming in Australia,
Tim Eyes



Your domain is the science and technology of producing and using plants for food, fuel, fibre and land reclamation.

The factors that impact plant production are complex and tweaking them for improved outputs at lower cost is what your career is all about.

A BBM scholarship is the perfect way to gain a new perspective on how economical and environmental or even cultural factors impact a country’s agronomy. You get the opportunity to experience new approaches and technologies that you may be able to adapt for your industry in Australia. Find inspiration through a different perspective and become an innovator in your field.

Global insights for local gain,
Sam Hay-Smith



You see genetics, animal welfare and product quality as the key factors to future-proofing livestock industries in Australia.

You want to be part of the push for innovation and sustainability that will help your industry meet the growing demand for ethical animal production, from dairy and poultry to wool, beef, pork or goat.

There is a lot happening in industries abroad, especially with genetics, low stress stock handling and quality feed.

What better avenue to pursue your own learning and career than to experience sustainability and innovation overseas first-hand.

An European Study Tour in Agriculture,
Dana Gray

How it works

What would you do if we paid you to go overseas to follow your passion, start your career and develop your vision for the future of your industry? Think about it!

A BBM Global Industry Scholarship is self-directed. You tell us what you would do and why we should send you. Your first step towards a BBM Scholarship is to share your goals and ideas. Fill in our Expression of Interest form and let us know where you would go and why, and what impact your global industry scholarship would have on your career and your industry in Australia.

Go on – share your vision!


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