Creating something amazing with your own hands, through manual labour, talent and skill is one of the most rewarding aspects of a trade career.

Being your own boss is a realistic option if you have learnt a trade, and you can carve your own niche to suit your personal interests. Women are increasingly excelling in some of the traditional male domains, reviving some trades with new approaches.

We work closely with our industry and training partners to ensure your BBM scholarship places you ahead of the game and on top of the current industry trends, including sustainability of materials and processes.

The BBM global trade scholarship is your opportunity to follow your passion, explore the possibilities and create the career you love.


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Are you ready to challenge your creativity in a hotel or kitchen in one of the greatest cities in the world?

The prospect of working internationally is one of the big draw cards of the hospitality industry, and a BBM global industry scholarship is your opportunity to explore some of what the world has to offer.

Meet the heroes of your trade, discover new techniques and unleash your own creativity in new, challenging industry environments.

We currently offer scholarships in baking and cookery.

Matthew Thorpe



From orchards to herb gardens, from botanical gardens to inner city pocket farms, from creating new cultivars to devising therapeutic gardening programs – there are no limits to where your career in horticulture can take you.

Whatever your passion within the world of plants and gardens, if you have a vision for your industry, for your career and for bringing innovative approaches to Australia we want to hear about them.

If you are passionate about landscape construction, including green infrastructure, share your ideas and apply under the construction category.

Kate Grace

How it works

What would you do if we paid you to go overseas to follow your passion, start your career and develop your vision for the future of your industry? Think about it!

A BBM Global Industry Scholarship is self-directed. You tell us what you would do and why we should send you. Your first step towards a BBM Scholarship is to share your goals and ideas. Fill in our Expression of Interest form and let us know where you would go and why, and what impact your global industry scholarship would have on your career and your industry in Australia.

Go on – share your vision!


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