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You may now submit your application by email.

Please copy and paste the complete content of this page into the body of an email and complete the questions.

When you have completed the questions please send your email to Subject YOUR FULL NAME and SCHOLARSHIP CATEGORY (for example: Jane Smith – Agriculture)

In this form we will be gathering some of your personal information. BBM takes your privacy seriously and will not share your personal information with any third party without your consent. To read BBM’s privacy policy please click here.

By submitting your application you confirm that you have read and agree to the privacy policy.

By submitting your application you also confirm that you meet the eligibility criteria. Evidence will be requested should your application progress to the next level.


PART A) Personal Information

Which scholarship category are you applying for? (The categories are: Agriculture. Trade & horticulture. Performing Arts)

First and Last Name

Date of Birth

Mobile number

Email Address

Residential Address

How did you hear about the scholarship? Please be specific.

What is the highest qualification you have achieved? If you are currently studying for this qualification state which year you are in eg final year of a Cert III in Horticulture.

Which education institution did you study at / currently studying at for this qualification?

What is your profession / the profession you are training for? eg Carpenter, Actor etc. Musicians please specify which instrument you play.

Do you identify as a First Nations person?

Is your first language a language other than English?

DIGITAL SCHOLARSHIPS: In this time of constant change we are considering providing ‘Digital BBM Scholarships’. Would you be interested in receiving a ‘Digital BBM Scholarship’?


PART B) Your scholarship proposal

You must answer each of the following four questions.

Each of the four questions has a 4,000 character limit.

Instead of written words you can choose to answer the questions in a 30 second video. Simply save your video in the cloud (google drive, dropbox etc) and insert a link to each of your videos after each question. For the Performing Arts videos / recordings answering question 3, these can be up to 4 minutes in length.


What do you want to get out of this scholarship?

BBM Global Industry Scholarships enable young Australians to gain international industry experience. It is an opportunity to advance not only your personal career but also to inspire and promote industry progress in Australia.

If you were awarded a scholarship, what would you do with it? Describe what you want to learn, especially in the areas of Innovation and Sustainability. Explain which companies, organisations or people you’d like to learn from, and how your professional development could benefit your industry in Australia.



Where would you like to go and why?

BBM Scholars can travel anywhere in the world to access the best industry exposure, knowledge and skills not readily available in Australia.

If you were to be awarded a scholarship, where would you go and why? Explain why you chose your destination/s as ideal locations for your professional development abroad.



What are your career goals and what have you done so far?

A BBM Global Industry Scholarship is a self-directed career development opportunity that requires commitment, initiative and ambition. Describe your professional medium and long-term career goals, the steps you have already taken to achieve them and future steps you are planning.

Performing Arts applicants – please include a link to your performance video or recording.


How do you contribute to your community?

BBM Global Industry Scholarships are designed to empower young Australian talent, boost Australian industries, promoting a culture of giving and ‘paying it forward’. We are interested in learning how you positively support those around you in your community.

Your answer to this last question completes your application for a BBM Global Industry Scholarship. Please ensure you have copied all questions into your email and answered them in the above order. Once you are happy with your answers please send your email to with your full name and category in the subject line.

Many thanks & good luck!

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