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BBM Youth Support Awards

Since 1983 BBM Youth Support Awards have provided financial assistance to over 1,000 talented young Australians to further their education and experience in the U.K. and other countries.

The Award is designed to help develop specialist skills that awardees may not be exposed to in Australia, to meet international experts in their field and to learn, experience and perform on a bigger stage whilst developing extensive international networks to help them excel in their chosen field. An Award is valued at $8,000 comprising airfares and a cash component to cover accommodation, tuition and living costs.

The experience provides significant personal development opportunities for Awardees with many saying they came back more confident and determined, with a greater aspiration for their futures. The skills, knowledge, networks and experiences gained benefit the Awardee, the community and Australia.

Currently we provide awards in the following categories:

To be eligible to apply for a BBM Youth Support Award, candidates need to satisfy certain age, residency, competency and personal criteria. Applicants must: