BBM Youth Support helps bring live theatre and discussion of serious youth social issues to regional and remote students!

BBM Youth Support has been partnering with the Australian Theatre for Young People in an exciting live streaming project to bring live theatre to rural and remote areas of Australia. Students at schools around Australia are able to watch live performances from ATYP’s Sydney home base and then take part in live Q&A sessions with the director and cast.

The latest live streaming project was Sugarland which is part of ATYP’s The Katherine Project. It is a very powerful piece of theatre which gives an insight into a wide range of issues facing the indigenous and non-indigenous youth in rural and remote areas of Australia’s.

The schools streaming the play live included Palmerston Senior College (Darwin), St Joseph’s Catholic College (Katherine), Katherine High School, Tiwi College (Tiwi Islands), Hawkesdale P12 College (Victoria), St Clare’s College (Canberra) and Billabong High School (Albury).

After the performance students from Katherine High were involved in the Q&A session. This was particularly poignant as some of the characters and stories in the play were developed in conjunction with Katherine High students.

15th September, 2014

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