BBM Youth Support Thanks Lynne Robson

During the past thirteen years Lynne Robson has led the BBM TAFE NSW Scholarship Program on behalf of TAFE, by and large in a voluntary role, as the BBM TAFE NSW Scholarship Coordinator.

Since 2002, through this Scholarship Program over 1000 disadvantaged students have been assisted to complete their educational and vocational goals – often in circumstances where, but for the BBM assistance, students would not have continued their studies.

Lynne joined the BBM Youth Support team in late July earlier this year on an interim basis to help out when Pat Steele retired , as Melanie Stray settled in as the new CEO. Since then Lynne has been a great addition and we want to thank her for all this hard work as she moves on to pursue other projects. Lynne recently received a Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding contribution towards the BBM and TAFE NSW Scholarship Program.

Lynne 2

“Lynne’s value to BBM is inestimable – she bridged a difficult time between the wonderful Pat retiring and our new CEO Melanie settling in. Lynne’s value as a warm, intelligent and empathetic human being is also hard to estimate – she has more humanity in her little finger than most have in their entire being. Lynne’s understanding and management of the BBM/TAFE relationship was incredibly successful – she/her team/we helped 1,000 students over 15 years.” – The Rt Hon the Lord Forres

Lynne Certificate



11th December, 2015

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