National Redress Scheme

The National Redress Scheme has been created in response to recommendations by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse which happened in orphanages, Children’s Homes, schools, churches and other religious organisations, sports clubs, hospitals, foster care and other institutions.

Some of the young people who migrated to Australia with the Big Brother Movement were minors at the time and as such BBM has joined the National Redress Scheme, enabling victims to feel safe to come forward and seek redress.

BBM is committed to providing transparent, compassionate and proactive support to victims of historical abuse, which acknowledges their experiences and prioritises their needs.

Today, BBM Youth Support upholds the best practices possible to create a safe environment for the young adults participating in our programs.

If you have any questions regarding BBM and the Redress Scheme please email

For more information on support options available to victims of historical sexual abuse please see the following:


National Redress Scheme

About the Redress Scheme


Legal Advice

The National Redress Scheme suggests participants of the scheme consider accessing knowmore Legal Services for free support


Information about police support and procedures regarding historical sexual assault can be found here

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