Do you wonder what happened to your shipmates?

Little Brothers are organising reunions around Australia to connect with those they may have know in the past, or meet new people with similar experiences. Reunions welcome all Little Brothers and their partners to share stories over lunch.

BBM supports reunions not only financially, but by making our archives available on the day to share information about the particular group of Little Brothers and individuals. If you would like us to bring your ship card or any other personal records or documents we may hold in our archive please let us know.

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Upcoming reunions

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If you’d like to help organise a reunion in your local area contact the BBM office by emailing Peter Howell explains how.


Gold Coast Reunion 24/02/2022 – cancelled

Due to the rapid Omicron spread we have decided to hold off on the reunion scheduled for the 24 February.

We have now had to postpone the reunion multiple times and it seems likely that we won’t have any certainty for a while.

We have all been looking forward to this event and therefore we have been thinking about alternatives.

Some options you may wish to consider are:

  1. Virtual catch-up via teams/zoom or skype
  2. Telephone meeting
  3. Meeting in an outside venue
  4. Meeting in a park
  5. Meeting in small groups of 2-3 people, on the same date and place
  6. BBM to match you with a former Little Brother to chat about memories
  7. None of above,  I want to meet in person, in the group, indoor venue and want to wait for this to happen
  8. I have another idea, which is: ……………

Your feedback is valued, and we would love to hear from you with any alternative ideas you may have.

I hope you are all keeping safe.

Please contact us on: 02 9233 4005|0455 539 778 or email:

Reunion Videos

1963 BBM Migration video

BBM Timeline – 1950s onwards

(Due to copyright issues the BBM Timeline – 1950s onwards video is without sound)

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