Brayden Fitzpatrick

Horticulture Scholar

Supported by Mayfield Garden




I aim to expand upon my business skills, so that one day I will be capable of running my own plant production nursery. I would very much like to bring new and wonderful knowledge and ideas to the Australian horticulture industry. My next major area which I would like to expand on is the world of tissue culture. Hopefully, with further exposure and education, one day I will be able to open a tissue culture lab alongside my nursery 

It is well known that not only Australia, but the entirety of the world, is rapidly approaching an environmental crisis. I would love to contribute in the increase of sustainable native plants grown within Australia. Through the creation of natural habitats, not only will our fauna flourish, but the health of those who populate our beautiful country will be immensely benefited. Change doesn’t happen with one person, but it can certainly start with one person 

I plan to go to the United States; Arizona and California to be specific. Arizona has a similar climate to Australia and boasts a booming horticulture sector. 35% of Australia is classified as a desert, so I am certain exploring ways to promote an increase in horticultural development within desert environments would be extremely beneficial. Arizona boasts the world’s largest desert botanical garden in Phoenix.  

One of my biggest long-term desires is to create an educational program targeted at youth within the Australian horticultural industry. I would love to invite youth into the nursery to expose them to the many career opportunities available within the vast field of horticulture. 

Brayden’s scholarship is generously supported by Mayfield Garden.

Since 2018, Mayfield are supporting scholarships in horticulture to further promote the sector and help develop an exceptional talent base for Australia’s horticulture. Our partners’ expertise, passion and vision will be instrumental in creating a sustainable future for this industry. This partnership, including Mayfield, BBM and the Australian Garden Council is an example of what can be achieved when private sector, industry peak bodies and not for profits join forces to make an impact for the future of an industry. Read more.





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