Change font size using your browser

This tutorial will cover how to change the font size and graphic size using:

1. Internet Explorer     Internet


2. Google Chrome         Chrome


If you use a different browser and would like to know how to perform these tasks then please feel free to contact us:

(02) 9233 4005

Internet Explorer

To zoom in on Internet Explorer and increase the size of text and graphics you need to click on the Tools icon tools  in the top right corner of your browser, just under the red cross and then click Zoom and select the appropriate percentage as highlighted in the image below.


Google Chrome

To zoom in on Google Chrome you need to click the Customise icon Customise in the top right corner of the browser, just below the red cross and then scroll down to Zoom and click the – or + to increase or decrease the zoom as highlighted below.

GC Zoom





27th April, 2015

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