Cindy Chau’s life changing experiences in London

Cindy Chau is the second Awardee to return to Australia after receiving her BBM Youth Support Award for Music last year. Cindy had an amazing experience, we have included snippets from her report below. You can read the Full Report Here.

“As a student of the violin, I recognise the need to be creatively inspired and stimulated. Where or when these moments of enlightenment and excitement may alight onto my consciousness is always unpredictable and unexpected; but the inestimable value of the BBM Award is that it allows one to immerse themselves in the plethora of opportunities for such inspiration in the UK.”

“For my 2 month visit to the UK, I lived in Bayswater, London at the Victoria Student League accommodation. Contrary to the typical style of student accommodation, this was a converted 5-storey house with an approximate capacity of just 60 students in the heart of London. Being such a small and self-contained institution, immersion into and experience of the local life came naturally. For the interest of music students, there are two practice rooms available at the Victoria League and each student can book to use them for at least two hours each day.”

“I based myself with the Royal College of Music (RCM), so named for its foundation in 1882 by a royal charter issued from the then Prince of Wales. Twice or thrice a week over two months, I would attend a combination of private lessons, studio workshops, masterclasses, concerts, rehearsals, seminars (including on Alexander Technique and aspects Western Art Music history) and student society events.”

“Reflecting back, I would say that the number of lessons I had (4 over 5 weeks in London) kept me busy but with time to experience the other aspects of RCM, London, England, and by extent, Europe. During the Christmas period I spent time with a friend’s family in Helsinki (impromptu renditions of Christmas Carols abounded) and New Year’s week at Berlin watching student-priced world-class concerts and operas all nights but one.”

“Though I am unlikely to be able to be able to pursue full-time study here in the future, I have come away from London with an extensive network of contacts, new acquaintances and friends whose influence and kindnesses will remain with me as I presently strive to improve my playing each day. The lessons themselves were nothing short of life-changing; and as I am still learning to adopt these practices, ideas and philosophies, those brief two months of learning are still proving to be impactful at a fundamental level. The richness of culture; the commitment to the preservation of older art forms, traditions and heritage; and the encouragement and availability of support and opportunities for young artists-in-training were all inspiringly abundant in London. This experience was transformative, challenging, and deeply rewarding, and I must thank the BBM Youth Support Award for making any and all of this possible.”



20th March, 2017

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