Cinzia Posega returns home from whirlwind trip

Snippets from Cinzia’s report have been included below, you can read the full report by Clicking Here.

“I flew into London on an icy, grey New Year’s Eve. After stumbling, bleary-eyed, around Heathrow Airport for a few minutes (and thereby attracting concerned queries from airport security staff), I managed to haul my luggage in vaguely the right direction, and less than an hour later (although it could very well have been a few hours, or weeks – time has no meaning in the aftermath of a 24 hour flight), I stood transfixed by the sight of High Street, Kensington, in all its glittery, furcoated glory. The sky was inky – night had certainly fallen. It was 4.30 pm.”

“Before flying to London, I spoke to my teacher, Anneke, over Skype and had much email correspondence about lesson details, concerts and rehearsals that I could attend. It seemed I would be busy! It was especially beneficial to have the intensive period of lessons with one teacher, instead of visiting many teachers. I was in total admiration of the musical approach of Anneke at once technically meticulous and lyrical, with purity of sound and elegance of phrasing the highest priority. I felt as though my musical instincts became more refined and developed after every lesson.”

“During the five weeks, I not only developed as a player, but was able to observe the life of a highly successful freelance musician, and the level of organisation that entails.”

“During my somewhat whirlwind trip, I realised a longtime dream of seeing the Berlin Philharmonic. They played Mahler’s Third Symphony, and of course it was mindblowing – I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed such sheer electrifying joy from a group of musicians on stage before.”

“I am incredibly grateful to have received this BBM Youth Support Award. I feel that my playing, my perception of what’s possible to achieve in music, and my outlook on being a professional musician, have all been hugely elevated and enriched as a result of my time overseas. I know that all aspects of my playing – both modern and classical hand horn – have improved greatly, and I have numerous new ideas which I can communicate to students, as well as implement in my daily practice. I hope to return to London in the near future for more study.”


15th December, 2016

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