Edwina Warby

Agriculture Scholar


My love for the agricultural sector, particularly the cattle industry, was nurtured during my upbringing on an isolated mixed farming and cattle property in South West Queensland. Experiencing the grit and determination of my community through the six tough years of drought has fostered my deep respect for the resilience of agricultural workers.  

Our family property has been drought declared for several years, which has contributed to my belief in the importance of improving our sustainable farming and agricultural practices. Australia’s primary industries have a strong tradition of being innovative and adaptive to new challenges. They have proven to be highly efficient and competitive in international markets however further investment in research and development and innovation is vital for ongoing growth and improvement in the productivity, profitability, competitiveness and sustainability of Australia’s agricultural industry 

One huge issue currently effecting the beef industry is the use of social media and how the social license is impacting the beef industry. With the ease of being able to gain information or misinformation at the click of a button, it is something that the entire agriculture industry is going to be battling with due the industry being volatile to public opinion. The best way to gain a positive social license, rather than conforming to the ideals of the general public would be to educate them as to why we do what we do and prove that we are running our properties in a sustainable and viable manner. Being awarded the honour of the BBM Global Industry Scholarship is not only a huge privilege but a great opportunity to take home ways that we can continually improve sustainable farming and agricultural practices in Australia and furthermore gain a positive social license through promoting the agricultural industry both during the trip and in years following. 

I believe that education is power, I constantly like to be challenged and increase my knowledge whilst helping further my career and enhancing my own personal growth. I chose to extend my studies by completing the Bachelor of Agribusiness at Marcus Oldham with the hope of further improving my current skill-set that a successful manager would use from day to day.  

My long-term career goal for the next 4-10 years is to gradually progress into an Executive management role in the beef industry which may not necessarily be restricted to a finance role. With a deep understanding of agribusiness, I am planning a career in cattle production, focusing either in feedlots or the meat sector with the comfort of being able to work and live in rural and regional Australia and contribute to the growth and resilience of these communities.  

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