Ellen Goodwin

Horticulture Scholar

Supported by NGINA


“I developed my passion for horticulture at an early age, thanks to my grandmother’s love of gardening.”

“In the past three years, I’ve realised that our industry is lacking young passionate people, especially females. Changing this trend is something that I believe I can influence as I aim to inspire other young women and show how horticulture is a creative and fulfilling career.”

“Learning from leaders in the field will enhance my understanding of how these issues affect our industry and will give me new tools and will increase my drive to rectify this disconnect in the industry.”

Ellen Goodwin is one of our 2021 BBM Australian Industry Scholars. In 2019 she was awarded a BBM Global Industry Scholarship in horticulture, but when COVID shut down all international travel, we took the opportunity to offer her a chance to pursue professional and personal development here in Australia.

“Travelling to the Northern Territory to learn more about Indigenous connection to land will enable me to learn practices that I can apply to my vision towards climate action, holistic horticulture, and sustainability. I believe that an internship with an Indigenous botanical garden or organisation will align with my professional goals of environmentalism and inclusivity.”

“The horticulture industry can learn a lot from traditional Indigenous practices – I believe this is a connection and conversation that is currently inadequate in the sector.”

“I would ideally aim to learn about the following:

       Local practices for regeneration                                                                 

–        Meaningful connection to land

        The interaction between people and the environment

–        Bush foods and native plants

       Indigenous perspectives on environmentalism

       The interaction between native flora and fauna

       Connecting with female elders in the community

       Understanding traditional backburning/bushfire practices.

“By visiting multiple locations in Australia, I can better understand growing and maintenance conditions in different climates and the way in which these can impact horticulture procedures. I also have an interest in any innovative or technological processes botanical gardens may be implementing.”

We’ve asked all our scholars to take every step to become practical, holistic leaders of the future who are aligned to the United National Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), supporting our vision of a sustainable, significant Australia.

“The SDG’s I strive for are multifaceted and interconnected – the goals of gender equality, climate action, and health and wellbeing affect the whole Australian population. Improving these metrics will result in a better quality of life and society for everyone.”

“As a female professional in the male-dominated horticulture industry, I strive to advocate for gender parity in the sector – including the LGBTQIA+ community.”

“Also, the principles of horticulture align with my passion for environmentalism, a green philosophy towards climate change is something that connects both my personal and professional lives.”

“I hope my career allows me to give others the confidence to know that growing and having plants in the garden and at home is achievable and enjoyable. An activity that assists with mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.”

Ellen’s scholarship is generously supported by Nursery & Garden Industry NSW & ACT (NGINA)



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