Exciting opportunities continue for Awardees Madison, Bridget, Amy & Jane!

We have recently heard from some of our Awardees and are glad to hear that they are still enjoying the benefits of receiving their BBM Youth Support Awards and continuing to have amazing experiences whilst developing their crafts.

Madison Chippendale (Drama Awardee 2012) is currently living in the UK.
“I have stayed on following my BBM funded time in the UK, to travel and continue to meet artists and seek opportunities. This October, I am doing volunteer work with SPILL festival, in Ipswich, Essex.”

Amy Copland (Agriculture Awardee 2013) returned to Australia a month ago.

Amy spent 5 months in the UK this year and she has told us “It was the most amazing trip! So so much fun. I have so many brilliant memories of my travels and met many special people who I hope to keep in contact with.”

Amy helped various people showing cattle at agricultural shows, was an associate judge for beef cattle at two shows and had multiple tours of different farms.
“Since I have come home, I worked at the Royal Melbourne Show, managing a public display there called ‘Beef Experience’.”
“I plan on keeping on doing work involving beef cattle and hope to do more judging of stock at shows too. I have so many ideas for what I would like to do, it is really exciting.”

Jane Foley (Ballroom Dancing Awardee 2012) is currently living in the US.
“I am now living in the United States. I recently relocated to Boston to pursue my dancing further to compete professionally and teach in a dance studio.”
“I will always be so grateful for the opportunities that the BBM provided Chris and I, in our dancing endeavours in the UK. It was an invaluable experience, which enhanced my dancing and has enabled me to be in the position I am today pursuing my professional career.”

Bridget Coulthurst (Ballet Awardee 2013) (pictured above) is currently living in Europe.

Off the back of her BBM Youth Support Award Bridget toured Europe, auditioning for ballet schools, she was offered a number of placements and selected the Brussels International Ballet School. Bridget plans to be there until mid-2015 prior to auditioning for ballet companies.

24th October, 2014

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