An exciting year for BBM Youth Support!

Happy New Year to everyone in the BBM Youth Support family! We hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday and, like us, you are looking forward to an exciting 2015!

With Music Awardee Johanna Blake  having recently returned from her educational trip to the UK and Awardees Harry Davis (Ballet), Jessica Westcott (Music) and Emma Townsend (Music) still over there, it won’t be long until we have some reports to share of their amazing experiences.

Johanna - Copy - Copy

Johanna Blake

Jessica Westcott

Jessica Westcott







Emma Townsend - Copy - Copy

Emma Townsend

Harry Davis

Harry Davis








With many of our Awardees planning to travel to the UK over the next few months there should be a steady flow of reports to follow. You can follow their progress by checking the BBM Youth Support news page and reading their reports Here.

2015 promises to be a big year for BBM Youth Support so please join us on the journey by following us on social media and through our website news.

All the Best,

The BBM Youth Support Team

19th January, 2015

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