Yet another Little Brother passes on.

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    John Sibson

    I’m very sad to report,another one of us has passed away too soon. Terry David was one of 15 who left the UK in Feb.1961 on the TV Fairsky, he passed away on the 10th August, peacefully at his home on the Gold Coast and will be sadly missed.
    Terry was to share cabin #556 Deck C with myself, Tony Beland and Barry Biddle (both now departed) but I don’t recall him ever occupying his bunk once. It has always a mystery to me and others, where he disappeared to during the five weeks at sea but knowing Terry as I do now, he would have been in the upper deck somewhere mixing with the paying passengers, living it up. He would surface most mornings for breakfast and at dinner times but other than that, I don’t remember seeing him too often until we arrived in Sydney.
    Terry was a leader not a follower, he seemed to be in a different class to me, towered above me (he was over 6ft.) and very well spoken. There were rumours that he may have been educated at Eton of Harrow!
    Not only was he my shipmate (or supposed to be) but also my housemate in the early years in Sydney. Along with Les Billingsley, Barry Biddle and Tony Beland,( all now deceased, which leaves me feeling pretty vulnerable, now being the only survivor!),Terry organised for us to rent a house in Westmead within days of arriving at the hostel in Homebush, how he managed that, I don’t know, would you rent your house to a bunch of 17 year olds just off the boat?
    Terry was a very private person, I still know little about him really, all I know is that he made a great success of his life in Australia in the early years, he was a senior buyer for David Jones, I believe, enjoying many business trips back to the UK and later, becoming one of the youngest directors at Myers before being head hunted for a senior executive role in a large chain in New Zealand.
    Unfortunately, Terry and I lost contact when I returned to the UK for 13 years but re-united after 40 years when my wife Gloria and I moved to the Gold Coast in 2007.Terry had retired by then but still had a business interest in a coffee shop at Paradise Point which,I’m sure, was just a hobby for him.
    Terry loved to smoke and unfortunately, it got the better of him and he developed emphysema. The last time we met was when we visited the Gold Coast (I’m now living back in Perth) in January of this year. Terry was staying with his ex-wife Gill and her husband David and was on oxygen to assist his breathing. He was looking quite frail but still very smart, alert and in good spirits.
    Terry died at his home at Runaway Bay with his carer tending to his needs. He was sitting looking out of the window at the water views that he loved, he slipped away very peacefully.
    Terry had an extraordinary life with many friends from all parts of the world he will be missed by many who knew him.He was the same age as me,74.
    Rest in Peace Terry David ( 29th April 1943 – 10th August 2017)

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