Global Industry Scholarships

Ready for the adventure of a life time?

A BBM Global Industry Scholarships is an $8,000 grant for young Australians to go overseas, travel and gain international work experience from the best in their field.

We award scholarships across agriculture, trade and horticulture and the performing arts.

Industry trends in sustainability and innovation are at the heart of the program. A BBM Global Industry Scholarship gives young Australian talent a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the most exciting cutting-edge developments in their industry. Most of our scholars go for two to three months, before they take their new skills and ideas back to Australia.

This program is an opportunity to shine, not just for those with great training scores, but for those with brilliant ideas; for those with a passion for their industry and a vision for its future.

BBM Industry Scholars draw from the experience and insight of an extensive pool of industry trail blazers, from education and training experts to alumni in their own field and industry leaders and host companies.

This network of players brings you quality learning and career development opportunities for young talent that in turn boost the innovation, sustainability and growth in their industries.

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