How to apply

Applications for the 2020 BBM Global Industry Scholarships open in April.

Scholarships of $8,000 are available for self-directed industry experience abroad in Trades, Agriculture and Performing Arts as well as specialised BBM Innovation Scholarships.


How to apply

Step 1 - Check your eligibility

There are general criteria, such as your age, as well as skills criteria specific to each scholarship category. Please check if you are eligible before you prepare your proposal. Should your proposal be successful you will be asked for evidence of eligibility.


Step 2 - Prepare your Proposal

Along with some basic personal information and the category you wish to apply for, the proposal form will ask you to respond to the following four statements.

You are allowed up to 4,000 characters for each answer, including punctuation, spaces and paragraph breaks. You can check your response length here (add characters AND paragraphs together for total).

1 – Industry

BBM Global Industry Scholarships enable young Australians to gain international industry experience to advance not only their personal careers but also to inspire and promote industry progress in Australia. If you were awarded a scholarship, what would you do with it? Describe what you would want to learn, especially in the areas of innovation and sustainability, your networking targets, and why your professional development is relevant to your industry in Australia.

2 – Destination

BBM Global Industry Scholarships provide funds for young Australians to travel to overseas destinations to gain industry exposure, knowledge and skills not readily available in Australia. State your chosen destination/s and explain why you chose them as ideal locations for your professional development abroad.

3 – Ambition

A BBM Global Industry Scholarship is a self-directed career development opportunity that requires commitment, initiative and ambition. Describe your professional medium and long-term career goals, the steps you have already taken to achieve this and future steps you are planning for.

Performing Arts applicants – please include a link to your performance video or recording here.

4 – Community

BBM Global Industry Scholarships are designed to empower young Australian talent, boost Australian industries and create opportunities in communities. BBM favours applications from young Australians who have proven themselves to be active citizens in their community. Describe how you have contributed to the well being of your community.

Tip: This is your opportunity to let your ideas shine – take your time to prepare your answers. You will not be able to save and return to the form or make changes once it is submitted. If you are unsure about your category or any of the proposal statements please contact us.

Step 3 - Complete the form

Once you have checked you are eligible and are happy with your answers, click on the Apply Now button which will appear below when applications open. The link will open a secure, external page with the proposal form. Enter your personal information, select your category and copy and paste your prepared answers.

Every applicant may submit ONE form only. You will not be able to save a draft and return later. You will also not be able to make changes once the form is submitted. Take your time completing it.


Step 4 - Submit your proposal

Read over your application a last time and check that everything is how you want it, then click submit. Remember, you will not be able to make changes later.

Once you clicked “submit” you will now receive a confirmation notice with information on the next steps.

Good luck, and thank you for sharing your ideas!

> Supporting documentation

You do not have to submit any supporting documentation with your proposal.

We will notify you if your proposal is shortlisted for a scholarship. If your proposal is shortlisted we will ask you for evidence of eligibility and supporting documentation including but is not limited to;

  • A copy of your birth certificate or passport to evidence your citizenship or residence and age
  • Your updated CV including your education, training and employment
  • A copy of your training records to evidence your qualifications and minimum skill level and/or qualification
  • A professional letter of reference from a suitable person (teacher, employer, etc.) to attest to your professional accomplishments and skill
  • A personal letter of reference from a suitable person (not related to you) to attest to your character
  • A portrait photo of yourself (head shot / passport photo)
  • A performance photo or video showing you performing work in your chosen scholarship category
  • A more detailed outline of what you plan to do during your scholarship


  • A short video (up to 90 seconds) of you summarising your proposal and what the most important outcome of your scholarship would be
  • You will also be able to include links to any other supporting documentation that you feel will support

You may be asked to submit additional information on your proposal or qualification if the panel has further questions before making a final decision.


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