What is a BBM Global Industry Scholarship?

A BBM Global Industry Scholarship is a self-directed career development opportunity for young Australians in agriculture, trades and performing arts. Successful applicants receive an AUD8,000 grant to pursue their scholarship goals overseas, which may include work experience, industry networking and training. Scholarships are awarded once a year.

Who can apply?

To be eligible for a 2019 BBM Global Industry Scholarship you must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident and meet certain age and skill requirements in one or more of this year’s scholarship categories. Check our eligibility page for full details.

You will be required to provide evidence for the above as part of the application process.

I am slightly older or younger than the given age range. Can I still apply?

If you are younger you may apply in the following year. If you are older unfortunately you are not eligible to apply.

I am not a citizen or permanent resident of Australia. Can I still apply?

No. Applications are open only to Australian citizens or permanent residents.

When do applications open and close, and when will I be notified?

Applications for 2019 are now closed.

Shortlisted applicants notified: 5 August 2019

2019 BBM Industry Scholars announced: 23 September 2019

Awards Night: 4 November 2019

2020 applications open: April 2020

What is a Proposal?

The proposal is the first stage of our two-stage application process. It is your opportunity to pitch your vision for your career, the future of your industry, and what you might gain from global industry experience. In a short few paragraphs – your pitch – share where you want to go and why. The most inspiring proposals get invited to submit supporting documents and any additional information needed to go to the industry panel of experts for selection, which is the final round of the process.

Will BBM assist me in finding a work placement?

The BBM Global Industry Scholarship is a self-directed career development opportunity. You are expected to have a good idea of where you want to go and why, including an understanding of who the industry trailblazers in your field are and where they are located. We will give you advice on how to approach them and can pair you up with a mentor from our pool of alumni, but networking to find your placement is the first critical learning opportunity of your scholarship experience.

On occasion we offer industry led BBM Global Innovation Scholarships in specific industries, pursuing specific study and skills outcomes. These scholarships have a narrower scope with an opportunity to build specialist skills and knowledge. Due to their niche nature as well as their industry led focus, scholarships in the category come with extra support in gaining placements and access to key businesses and leaders in the field.

Will BBM assist me with my visa applications?

Every destination has different visa requirements, which are subject to frequent changes and depend on your own nationality. BBM is not able to give expert advice on visa questions, and this is part of your preparation that you will need to explore specifically for your own travel plans.

I want to complete my work experience in Australia. Can I apply?

No. BBM Global Industry Scholarships are for overseas industry placements only.

I have been offered a place at an overseas university or college. Can I use the award grant to pay for my fees or travel costs?

No. BBM Global Industry Scholarships are for industry experience only. You may use part of the grant to cover skill-focussed industry short courses, however school or college fees cannot be funded.

Can I use the award to meet training and practice requirements of my education in Australia?

Yes. A BBM Global industry Scholarship may form part of your training at an Australian institution provided you meet the eligibility criteria and fulfil the terms and conditions of the BBM scholarship.

Will BBM provide me with coaching and mentoring to succeed with my project?

Yes. BBM provides resources and briefings for all successful applicants prior to and during their scholarship experience to set them up for success.

If I am studying at a tertiary institution can I still apply?

BBM Global Industry Scholarships are designed to fill the gap that exists for international exchange in vocational professions. Eligible applicants from tertiary institution will however be considered on merit as long as they fulfil eligibility criteria and comply with the terms and conditions of the BBM scholarships.

What are my obligations as a BBM Industry Scholar?

As a successful applicant, current or past BBM Industry Scholar you represent the organisation, its program and values and it is expected that you conduct yourself accordingly when engaging with others in your role as a BBM Industry Scholar. We may ask that you assist us in promoting the program in Australia and abroad before, during and after your scholarship and that you may become and active member of the BBM alumni community. This may include promoting your BBM scholarship on social media, including it in your professional profile and recognising opportunities to network for the scholarship program if you see the opportunity.

How much is a BBM Global Industry Scholarship worth?

Successful applicants receive a grant of AUD8,000 in instalments to implement their scholarship plans and goals. Funds are subject to approval of scholarship itinerary and evidence of confirmed industry placements and activities.

When will I receive the funds?

Your scholarship grant will be paid in instalments once you have confirmed your work placement and scholarship itinerary. Once we have your confirmed placements you will receive funds to purchase your flights. Four weeks out from departure you will receive the funds to pay for accommodation and living expenses. A small amount will be retained until after your return to Australia and will be paid once you have submitted your scholarship report.

How much time will I have to plan and organise my trip?

Scholarships will be announced in September, and while you may depart for your scholarship experience within weeks from accepting your scholarship, you may depart any time between accepting your scholarship and December 31 of the following year. This means that you may take up to 14 months before you start your scholarship journey.

How long can I go for?

There is no limit as to how long you can go for. During your BBM Global Industry Experience you are expected to complete a minimum of 20 working days of industry placement. This may include work experience, training, networking events and other industry activities. Most of our scholars travel for 2-3 months. The grant amount of AUD8,000 is set to allow for more extensive industry experience and longer placements will be viewed favourably.

I want to travel with a friend or family member. Is that OK?

You may travel with another person, however, you must not compromise your industry experience goals or funds received to accommodate your travel partner’s plans or expenses. The BBM Global Industry Scholarship is a once in a lifetime career development opportunity, and while we encourage you to travel and see the sights of the countries you visit, we expect all successful applicants to prioritise their scholarship goals while abroad.

Can I spend some of my time during my scholarship on sightseeing and leisure travel?

Absolutely! We encourage our industry scholars to travel and see the sights of the countries they visit as that in itself is an invaluable opportunity to grow and learn. We do however expect all successful applicants to prioritise their scholarship goals while abroad during their BBM funded scholarship experience.

I cannot find a category that quite matches my qualifications or goals. What can I do?

BBM scopes its Global Industry Scholarships with input from industry leaders who flag gaps in what young talent can experience in their profession in Australia, what the industry needs to advance and where the most important areas of innovation and progress are. We offer scholarships in areas where we have enough input to be certain that what we can make a true impact, and these categories are reviewed with our industry panels every year. If you feel like you have a great proposal to make but can’t fit into any of this year’s categories get in touch and discuss it with us.

I have submitted my proposal. What are the next steps if I am successful?

If your proposal is successful and progressed to the shortlist, we will contact you and ask for supporting documentation to make the final decision. This documentation may include;

  • A copy of your birth certificate or passport to evidence your citizenship or residence and age
  • Your current CV
  • A copy of your training records to evidence your qualifications and minimum skill level and/or qualification
  • A professional letter of reference from a suitable person (teacher, employer, etc.) to attest to your professional accomplishments and skill
  • A personal letter of reference from a suitable person (not related to you) to attest to your character
  • A portrait photo of yourself (head shot / passport photo)
  • A performance photo or video showing you performing work in your chosen scholarship category
  • A more detailed outline of what you plan to do during your scholarship


  • A short video (up to 90 seconds) of you summarising your proposal and what the most important outcome of your scholarship would be
  • You will also be able to include links to any other supporting documentation that you feel will support

You may be asked to submit additional information on your proposal or qualification if the panel has further questions before making a final decision.

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