How does it work?


Step 1: Your Proposal

You love doing what you do, you care about the environment and are proud of what you create to make the world a better place. You are inspired by bright ideas and solutions from people near and far that make your industry more sustainable.

A trip overseas could give you work experience and fuel your curiosity about how others tackle  challenges in your line of work.

If you think a BBM Scholarship would be a great learning opportunity for your career and for driving your passion for sustainability we want to hear from you!

Share your ideas and thoughts in a short few paragraphs – your proposal – about where you want to go and why. Short, sweet and simple. This is your Proposal. The most inspiring proposals get invited to submit a full application with supporting documents to go into the second and final round.

Step 2: The Paperwork

Your ideas and passion have impressed. You’re being invited to submit your supporting documents and any further information if needed. Our industry panel of experts will now asses the proposals to select the most inspiring ideas with the greatest potential impact for both the candidate and their industry.

Step 3: Accept

If you are among the top applicants for the year you will receive a letter from BBM with your offer to accept the scholarship. You will need to accept this offer and any conditions in writing. The next step is to attend the award ceremony where you will receive your award and certificate and get to meet industry leaders, past BBM scholars and the other successful applicants of the year. On the day, you and your fellow scholars will also participate in scholarship workshop to set you up for success.

Step 4: Plan

You now have the green light to turn your vision into the scholarship experience of a lifetime. BBM will connect you with past participants of the program, join you up to our mentor program and provide you with hands-on tips to make the most out of your planning process. Some handy pointers are listed in our trip planning tip sheet. Your first step is to identify, approach and confirm your host companies, any industry events or training courses you want to attend overseas. Once you have pinned down your work experience itinerary and BBM has approved your plan, it will be time to look at transport and accommodation.

Step 5: Travel

Now it’s time to travel, learn and grow. Make the most of your experiences and build connections and networks, many of which can last a lifetime. You will be able to draw on support from your mentor and the network of alumni as well as head office while you are abroad. Make sure you keep an eye on your goals to learn from the best, to ask questions and to record your learning, your thoughts and reflections. Your global scholarship will not only be a key asset on your CV but a cornerstone of your personal and professional growth well beyond your time abroad.

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